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  • How to Take (Good) Jewelry Images for eBay

    No surprise but a good image can make or break an eBay or Etsy sale. We humans are visual by nature, and if a piece of jewelry is poorly shot, it sends us a subconscious message that the jewelry itself is flawed or “less than.”

    Luckily, you don’t need a professional photography studio to get sharp, well-lit images of your jewelry. This video details just how easy it can be (and yes, she uses her phone to take the shots).

  • With or Without Diamonds? Your Choice.


    Stackable bands are seriously hot right now. And we’re on the forefront of creating custom design bands just begging to be stacked. Above, an example of diamond studded band and one band simply without.  

    Interested in a custom design band for yourself? Let’s make it a reality. 

    How to get your dream ring:

    It’s simple. Share your ideas, images or Pinterest boards with us. Or have a one-on-one custom design consultation with a member of our team. We’ll combine your favorite elements to create a completely unique ring just for you.

    Choose your gemstone:

    Mined diamonds


    Other lab grown diamonds (Pure Grown, Brilliant Earth)

    Custom cut gemstones (sapphires, rubies, etc.)

    Choose your metal:

    14kt or 18kt gold

    Mocha gold


    Rose, white or yellow gold


    Share your ideas via:

    Pinterest boards

    Collected images

    Written or drawn ideas

    Be involved in the process:

    Review your personal project page for updates.

    Provide feedback throughout the entire process.

    Share updates with friends and family.

    Review a 3D print of your piece to ensure complete satisfaction before it’s made.

    See a professional video of your piece after it’s complete.

    Have fun…custom design is a genuinely creative process!

  • The Jewelry People Were Wearing the Year you Were Born

    This really fun Cosmo article takes you back to the year of your birth so you can see what kind of jewelry others were wearing. Really cool, right? 

    Well there’s one caveat: it only goes back as far as 1985. Sorry old timers  – if you were born before 1985, you’ll just have to do some Google research yourself. (Which is relatively easy: simply Google your year of birth along with the words “jewelry trends.)

    Here’s a shot of a jewelry trend from 1976. (Yes, it is a show about the 1950’s but Laverne & Shirley was such a hit that oversized pearl necklaces were donned all across America in ’76. Plus, a nod to Penny Marshall, whom we lost last week…sigh.)



  • I have an eye for perfection and all three rings he has made for me have been so completely and totally”perfect”.

    Hi there Margie,

    I received my ring too late Wednesday evening to call you, and then I completely forgot yesterday. Sorry for that!   I am so thrilled with it, really happy.   The stone is the loveliest one I have ever seen.  It looks quite beautiful in its setting. and I love it.  Please say thank you to the jeweler for me.  I have an eye for perfection and all three rings he has made for me have been so completely and totally”perfect”.  ( I am one of those annoying people who can spot a wonky claw or mounting flaw a mile away!!)  I feel quite spoilt having two absolutely stunning rings made by this great jeweler.
    Talk to you soon,
    and thank you so much once again,
  • Simple Rules when Pairing Jewelry with Clothing

    Fashion can get complicated! But it doesn’t have to be. Jewelry pairing advice requires a little know-how and a touch of common sense. This quick and easy video touches on several points when matching jewelry with clothing (like if you have a busy neckline, focus on wearing a pair of complimentary earrings and not a competing necklace).

    With that said, dare to break the rules when you feel compelled! Most fashionistas know that stepping outside the box is what really creates a unique and personal style.


  • The Hammer Finish on your Custom Design Jewelry – Is it Right for You?

    The Hammer Finish – It Tells a Story


    The texture of the metal on your custom design ring is an often overlooked detail. And it shouldn’t be. The metal of your ring encompasses a lot of finger real estate. And the texture of that metal can either enhance or detract from the complete look of your ring.

    Hand-wrought (another term for hammered) jewelry has a particular feel to it; it speaks of the artistry behind your custom design ring. The process is done with various types of hammers (no surprise there) by strategically striking the metal with the a ball peen hammer. There are many different types of hammer finishes, from bold to subtle.

    The hammer texture also has a long history so it creates a rustic, organic feel to a piece of jewelry, as if you can imagine watching the jeweler creating your piece. This age-old technique conveys the craftsmanship behind the piece (as opposed to work that is produced via computer or machine).

    There’s a certain flow or wave to hammered metal look as well. When rotating the ring, the pattern moves in a visually appealing manner, giving the piece a certain aliveness that’s unmistakeable.

    Is the hammered finish right for you and your custom design engagement ring (or wedding band, where it can look particularly appealing)? Only you can be the judge. But if you’re unsure, we’re happy to guide you!

    Meanwhile, here’s an example:

    A Platinum and OEC diamond Solitaire with Two Rose Gold Band with Hammered Finish

    This is high bench crafted solitaire, so sleek and fluid, set with an amazing OEC diamond. Shown with two delicate pink sapphire and rose gold stackers, with a hammer finish.


  • ❤️ Is Heart Shaped Jewelry for You? ❤️

    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many women have their eye out for heart-shaped jewelry. Hearts symbolize love after all, so its an obvious choice.

    But for some, hearts can seem a little too romantic (think back to high school when you drew hearts all over you notebook). For these types, colors may be more evocative of love, like pink or red.

    Well, call us overly romantic but we ❤️ heart shaped jewelry. Here’s a custom design heart shaped engagement ring that we just ❤️ making.

    Interested in something similar? Contact us. We can create a heart shaped ring or pendant that’s perfect for you.



  • Your Engagement Ring in Video

    Sure, you’ve seen gorgeous images of engagement rings before. But there’s something about video that brings that image (and that ring) to dazzling life.

    Here’s a recent custom design solitaire with a stunning halo surrounding it. Amazing, isn’t it?



    But watch this same ring dance with light and fire in the video below.


    Adds a whole other element, doesn’t it?

    When we custom design engagement rings for our customers, we’re happy to share videos throughout the process. This way, you can get as intimate of a look at your ring as humanly possible (other than seeing it in person, of course).

    So remember: when you’re custom designing your engagement or wedding ring, you can have a firsthand experience that will bring you that much closer to a stunning final product.

    Interested in a custom design piece for yourself? We can make your dream ring a wearable reality.

    Contact us to make your custom design dreams come true!

    Call (888) 724-8222 or reach us at We generally respond within 24 hours (and never share your email address). Or reach us through our online form.


  • What is Garnet? (Quick Gem Education)

    What is a garnet?


    Garnet is not one single mineral per se but is used to encompass a group of several closely related silicate minerals. Garnets are widely known as dark red though come in a variety of colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, blue, black, pink, and colorless.

    According to Middle English, the word itself means “dark red.” In Latin, garnet is derived from the word “granum” meaning “seed” possibly referring to a pomegranate seed for which it is quite similar in color and shape.

    The garnet’s history extends back to the Bronze age. Garnets were used as beads in a jewelry dating back to 3000 B.C. This gives us an idea of its durability and strength.

    Symbolically, it represents the feminine nature (some say that only women should wear garnet). During medieval times, garnets were believed to cure depression, protect dreamers from nightmares and relieve diseases of the liver. It was also thought to be potent against poisons.

    Garnet is the official birthstone for January. It is also used to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of marriage.

    Below: a heart shape pendant in 14kt white gold featuring approximately .06ct t.w. of genuine Brazilian garnets and natural diamonds. (Pendant only, chain sold separately)





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