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  • D.W. Three Stone Oval and Cushion Engagement Ring

  • How to Pack Summer Jewelry, Tangle-free

    It’s happened to all jewelry lovers. Though we’re often not quite sure how. You packed your jewelry neatly only to unpack a mass of metal when you arrived at your destination. What the heck happened? Did your jewelry get in a catfight while you weren’t looking? 

    The next thing you know, the start of your vacation is spent untangling your jewelry with a surgeon’s precision. Nobody wants that!

    Here are some quick and easy tips for packing jewelry so you can get back to enjoying your vacation:


  • What metals are used in US coins?

    Sure you understand metals when it comes to jewelry and custom design…but what about the metals residing in your change purse? [Crickets chirping.]

    Don’t worry! We’re ready to help.

    So what is a quarter made of? What about the quaint dime? The humble penny? Do they still make copper pennies? Did they ever make copper pennies?

    According to AZO Materials:

    Coins available from the United States mint are made from a variety of metals. Exotic metals such as silver and gold were used by the United States mint for making coins.

    However, due to the increasing price of these metals, they are only used now for making bullion coins or collectors’ coins. Other metals such as copper, nickel and zinc are used to make ordinary coins. Initially, pennies were made from copper.

    Coins that have a silver color should not be mistaken for silver. These silver-colored coins are the quarter, nickel and dime coins, made using copper-nickel combination. In the past, only the faces of the coins were plated, which caused the coins to rust.


  • Custom designing jewelry = more fun than you’d think

    From a recent customer:

    “Thank you again for all of your work on this ring. Thank everyone involved for me. I had fun with every step of the process and am so glad I went with Joseph Schubach Jewelers for my ring! I can’t say enough how thrilled I am, with both the ring, and the entire process!”

    This is an often overlooked perk of custom designing your own piece of jewelry:

    Custom design is a genuinely FUN experience!


    It’s a creative, magical process and you’re included in every step. You’ll guide every creative choice. Every aspect of your love and your personality is integrated seamlessly into the final stunning piece.

    And we’re a fun, lively team (if we do say so ourselves) who genuinely loves working with our customers. We not only like the co-creative process with our customers, we understand it deeply. We’ve been doing it for over 100 years now afterall!

    Creativity is good for the mind and soul. Why not put your imagination to the test and come play with us?



  • Jewelry, jewellery or jewelery?

    How could something so beautiful be such a pain when it comes to spelling it? Well, first of all: because there are a few different ways to spell the word, depending on where you live. Secondly, there are a lot of misspellings!

    According to Ginger, here’s a look at just how much “jewelry” is misspelled:


    The simpler spelling (and the one we prefer: jewelry) was made popular by early-19th-century educator and lexicographer Noah Webster.

    Jewellery is still used and considered British and Australian English. (So if you’re in London or Brisbane or many other portions of the world, you may be purchasing jewellery instead of jewelry). In Canada, you may witness both spellings.

    So two different types of spellings still exist…and a whole lot of misspellings!


  • Love wins


    My friend is suffering from a broken heart. She was deceived by a lover she trusted with her innermost feelings and thoughts. She thought they had a future. She found out that he did not. They parted ways but even months later, the heart wound is raw and sore.

    Out of consoling words, I told her that love wins in the end. What does that mean, she asked? Her feelings for this man were real. And his feelings were as well. While the two of them had to go separate ways, the love they experienced still lives on. Maybe not in the traditional sense but on a spiritual plane.

    When we love someone, we create a birth of sorts. Love is born. And while the “parents” may go their separate ways, the child of love grows. It is not a failure but a win: a win for feelings, for emotional risk, for the cosmos that we live in, made a better place because love was allowed to be in the first place.

    Did this help her? Not really. But it will eventually. Because just as love wins, time heals.

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