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  • Cleopatra’s Jewelry – The Back Story



    Interestingly, many people have never seen the 1963 film Cleopatra but what they do remember: the way star Elizabeth Taylor wore. Her look was so powerful and distinctive, one could venture to guess that most people picture her character first when they think of the actual historical figure.

    Spotlight on: The Jewelry in Cleopatra

    Every piece for the film Cleopatra were created by Italian jewelry house Bulgari. And that means every piece: including the infamous snake bracelet, the coin necklace and a mirror of yellow gold with turquoise (which apparently Taylor kept after the film was wrapped. She often included jewelry gifts as a signing bonus. Smart woman).

    Snakes were a thematic motif for this film, so it’s no surprise it would have found its way into the design of the jewelry. The real Cleopatra wore snake-related accessories as well.

    Looking for a snake-related custom design piece? We’re happy to use iconic jewelry from Old Hollywood as an inspiration.


  • Moissanite made THIS possible!

    We’re lovers of moissanite for many reasons but this latest piece showcases one of our favorite reasons: you can afford your dream ring! This solitaire has some serious bling quotient while not breaking the bank. It packs a ton of sparkle and gave this very happy client a chance to (literally) dream big!

    What would you dare to custom design if money weren’t an object? 

    Reach out to us for more info on this ring or another ring especially designed for you. Call (888) 724-8222.

  • Why are Pearls Knotted?

    Picture it. You’re at a swanky event, dressed in your finest. Your dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller (hey, its Halloween season) and the next thing you know, your pearl necklace breaks!

    The pearls spill all across the dance floor. Party goers begin slip sliding and not to the music. You rush to pick up every errant pearl but alas, you find most of them, but not all.

    Later that night, you review the wreckage of your pearl necklace and ask yourself, “What went wrong?”

    Knotting. Or the lack thereof. That’s what went wrong.

    What Exactly Is Pearl Knotting?

    Pearl knotting is the act of tying knots between each pearl strung in a necklace or bracelet. These fine little knots make sure you only lose one pearl as opposed to an entire set.

    Now let’s go back to the swanky Halloween affair. You feel the drop of one pearl to the ground. You pick it up, put the necklace in your purse for later repair, and finish the Michael Jackson tune like a pro. [Insert wild applause.]


    Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace, 10mm-11mm, 18″ long with a sterling silver clasp.



  • Why wear your watch on your non-dominant hand?


    It may seem like common knowledge…but it’s not. So:

    Why wear your watch on your non-dominant hand?

    Well, for several pragmatic reason:

    First, the obvious. Wearing a watch on your non-dominant hand means you can go about your daily activities easier, since your dominant hand is doing much of the busy work.

    Second, it protects the watch. That’s right: since your dominant hand is going about more tasks, there’s less risk of injury or breakage.

    And lastly, it gives your non-dominant hand a little more to do. When you use your non-dominant hand more frequently, it can increase brain power. While we don’t know if checking your watch would fit in this category, it can’t hurt, huh?


  • Accessories – How much is too much?

    One of the most common jewelry wearing questions: how much is too much? Conversely, how little is too little?

    The answer is strategizing and balance. Let’s now forget: a “hey now” piece.

    Let this video be your guide.


  • Understanding Amber


    Amber ain’t your average gem. On some levels, its strange to think of it as a gem at all.

    That’s because it’s….tree resin! That’s right. OLD tree resin. As a matter of fact, amber must be a million years old to qualify as amber.

    And that is why most amber you’ve stumbled across probably isn’t really amber but composite and reconstituted resin alternatives…so not the real deal. (Remember: if the price is a little too good to be true, it’s probably not amber.)

    Many have bespoke engagement rings with amber as the primary gem of choice. And why wouldn’t you pick a million year old gem for long-lasting love?

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