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  • Is ALL Cheap Jewelry Ugly Jewelry?

    Is ALL Cheap Jewelry Ugly Jewelry?


    Well, of course not. There’s a time and place for cheap jewelry. Sometimes you just need those wacky red, white and blue star earrings for July 4th or dangling Santas for the holidays.

    This woman reviews her recent haul of cheap jewelry and uncovers some sweet pieces for the occasional wear:

  • Cooking and Jewelry = Not Perfect Together

    What's wrong with this picture? (Take it off!)

    What’s wrong with this picture? (Take it off!)


    With the first of the “big” holidays approaching, we expect many jewelry wearers to be knee deep in kitchen preparations. And many will already be dressed beforehand, with a mere apron serving as a protection against the “elements” of Thanksgiving (steaming heat, splattering grease and hard knocks on unyielding frying pans).

    How about some friendly holiday advice?

    Take off your jewelry before even entering the kitchen. 

    While many jewelry aficionados know better than to wear jewelry into a pool or the bathroom, most don’t think of one of the most dangerous zones in the household for jewelry: the kitchen.

    Not only can cooking oils and fats stain metals, but food can get lodged into the setting of your engagement ring. And it doesn’t stop there: detergents can cloud up your gems, slowing dimming their inner fire.

    And let’s not forget about potential loss. The bathroom isn’t the only place with a drain waiting to cause trouble, afterall.

    The takeaway? Get into the habit of removing jewelry before entering the kitchen. It’s that simple. Take a few minutes before dining to don your glittery best. You’ll provide your guests with an extra treat by showing them another layer to your holiday look!

  • Jewelry Cleaning Tips (from Queen Martha Stewart)

    Sure, we’ve shared a bunch of jewelry cleaning tips over the years. But…these tips are from the Queen of All Things Domestic, Ms. Martha Stewart. Does she give any mind-blowing advice? Well, she does advise ammonia (which we don’t hear often) and covering your drain with a cloth…that’s a good one!


  • A Brief History of Hair Jewelry

    There’s something about “hair jewelry” that makes me cringe a little. Like “dusty ice cream” or “peanut butter and snails.” It just doesn’t seem right. But like many things in life, we have to look at the context, historically speaking.

    Queen Victoria made hair jewelry popular by wearing a locket of her beloved Albert’s hair around her neck after he passed away.

    The Victorian era ran with this morbid phenomenon and instead of just wearing a locket containing a snip of hair, began creating entire pieces of jewelry consisted of human hair…like, the whole piece (I’m not quite sure how they managed the clasp).

    According to Nat Geo: 

    It could be a brooch, or a pendant with hair woven in the middle, or even a bracelet of hair. In its heyday, hair jewelry was considered both sentimental and fashionable. It caught on in Europe sometime before the 19th century, and then fell into vogue in the United States around the Civil War.

    While we do custom design, we’ve yet to encounter any requests for hair jewelry. But you never know, right?


    Victorian Hair Mourning Jewelry

  • Marie’s Antoinette Pearl Breaks Records


    A historically famous jewelry lover, Marie Antoinette wasn’t known for her ability to rule fairly but certainly yielded power when it came to what she wore. Even 200 years later, her fashion choices reign supreme.

    A pearl and diamond pendant belonging to the French Queen Marie Antoinette has been sold for $36m in what Sotheby’s auction house is declaring a world record for a pearl.

    Says the BBC:

    It was part of a major collection of jewellery sold by Italy’s royal Bourbon-Parma house.

    Some of the jewels had not been seen in public for 200 years.

    The pendant more than tripled the previous world auction record for a pearl, which was held by a necklace that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor.

    Additional auctioned items from this ill-fated Queen include a diamond necklace, a pair of pearl and diamond earrings as well as a monogram ring with a lock of her hair.

  • How to Spot Fake Jewelry

    The market is flooded with fake jewelry. And that’s not a bad thing: fake jewelry has its place and can be a fun and flamboyant form of adornment. But when you think you’re getting a particular metal or gem and its something else (like a cheaper grade metal or a fake stone) well, then you got yourself a problem.

    This fairly in-depth video quickly and easily displays the ways you can detect fake jewelry so you don’t fall victim to a dupe.


  • Can a Plus Size Affect your Jewelry Choice?


    Does your body type influence the kind of jewelry you choose? This recent Forbes piece spotlights a jeweler who believes embracing your body type and being bold about your jewelry choices is the best way to go.

    “I used to be really afraid I would be taken less seriously in professional settings as a fat woman. And I think I tried to minimize my body size by wearing jewelry that was super tiny when I was meeting with new clients or going to a conference.”

    We love the theme of this piece: embracing your true self and expressing as fully as possible. Its too easy for women to find themselves downplaying aspects of their bodies. This then reflects in choices (fashion or otherwise) that are small or less than they’d naturally choose to wear.

    The message in this article remind us: we can dare to be the biggest, boldest and baddest self we can be!

  • Jewelry Tips – How to Prevent (Dreaded) Oxidation

    It happens slowly. Over time. You may not even notice it at first. But soon that shiny piece of jewelry of yours becomes oxidized and dull-looking. It’s just nature running its course. Due to moisture and oxygen, residue gathers on your jewelry, taking away its original shine.

    What to do??? 

    You’ve heard that expression “a stitch in time saves nine”? Well here are some preventative steps you can take to make sure you don’t fall victim to the dreaded oxidized jewelry look.

    Remove jewelry before swimming. Okay, this tip should be a given. But many people find themselves in situations that challenge this long-held rule of jewelry maintenance (like a late night hot tub). Chlorine can quickly and seriously discolor many types of jewelry. So take it off (the jewelry, that is).

    Avoid taking your jewelry to the bathroom. Another sneaky little environment that contains moisture that can kick-start the oxidation process. Get in the habit of removing jewelry right before you enter the bathroom and placing it somewhere safely. Once the habit is ingrained, its easier to maintain.

    Store your jewelry in closed containers. Enter the jewelry box. There are several practical and pretty reasons for a jewelry box. But one real reason a jewelry box protects your jewelry: it’s a dry, humidity-free space.

    So there you go. If you want to keep all of your jewelry looking the best, these little steps go a long way!

    Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring A gorgeous split shank halo engagement ring, featuring a round brilliant stone halo'd with delicate pave. The split shank pave increases in size as the diamonds form a single shank.

    Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring – A gorgeous split shank halo engagement ring, featuring a round brilliant stone halo’d with delicate pave. The split shank pave increases in size as the diamonds form a single shank.

  • You are SO Bling Worthy

    Some go small. Some go subtle.

    Then others go big…like real big.


    When it comes to wearing bling, you have to remind yourself: you’re worth making a big statement. No, you don’t have to. You want to. You dare to shine a little brighter, be a little bolder.

    The best part with moissanite? You can live out your blingiest dreams for a fraction of the cost.

    Below, over 10ct of old mine cut goodness in our French Cut Waterfall setting.


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