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  • J.C. Cross

  • I kept thinking “there’s no way that they only get 5 star reviews” but now I believe it!!!!

    Thank you for all your help and advice. You were right on the mark with size and cut. I love the Old Mine! So worth the wait!!!   I couldn’t stop looking at it today. It’s so refreshing to deal with a company who really earns all of those amazing reviews. I kept thinking “there’s no way that they only get 5 star reviews” but now I believe it!!!!   You guys have absolutely done it again. I appreciate how hard you work to make it perfect. It’s the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen.

    Your very happy customer,
    C. H.

  • C.T. Bezel Set Swirl Overlap Engagement Ring

  • How to Identify Eras of Jewelry

    In general, there are six eras of antique jewelry. Each era has identifiable aspects that help define it and the culture that surrounded it. And as this video points out, each is more gorgeous than the last.

  • A.B. Pear, Baguette and Round Diamond Earrings

  • G.R. Matching Wedding Band

  • M.W. Antique Cushion Cut Ring

  • Focus on the Wedding Band

    The engagement ring is the star of the show. She grabs the spotlight, the accolades and the ooh’s and ah’s when she’s in the room.

    But what about the wedding band? Her beauty is subtle, quieter. She’s in it for the long run, dependable and elegant. She doesn’t need the excessive adoration. She expresses herself in quieter terms, yet remains equally powerful in her resolute love.

    The ever-lasting bond of marriage is perfectly symbolized in the eternal circle of your choice of wedding bands. The custom of engagement rings arose as early as the Ancient Egyptian period.

    And as many know, engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, because the Ancient Egyptians believed it contained a vein which led to the heart.

    So take a moment to revel in the beauty and history of the wedding band. Give her the due she deserves.

    Design your own fantastic wedding band or let us help you choose one of our popular settings. Choose from a variety of metals including titanium, tungsten carbide, white tungsten carbide, 14k gold, platinum, palladium and white gold.

    Ten stone wedding band with 2 1/2ct t.w. prong set round brilliant stones.

    Ten stone wedding band with 2 1/2ct t.w. prong set round brilliant stones.

  • What exactly is an inclusion…and is it always a bad thing?

    Inclusions. It’s generally a word you don’t want to hear when it comes to choosing a diamond. Inclusions are the blemishes, flaws and beauty marks in a diamond (or other gem).

    Most think inclusions should be avoided at all costs. But unless you have all the money in the world to spend on a flawless diamond, inclusions are often just part of the picture when buying a diamond.

    And that’s not a bad thing. 

    Yes, the type of inclusion is one of the factors used when determining a diamond’s clarify grade but most don’t realize that these characteristics (conversely) make a gem distinctive and special (think snowflake).

    The use of the diamond you choose also makes a difference. Whereas some might never consider a diamond with inclusions for their engagement ring, they might be fine considering that same gem used for earrings or a pendant.

    Get to know your inclusions. (There are many different types.) If you can find a diamond that fits your needs and your budget, an inclusion or two may not only be a good thing but a special thing.


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