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Genetic Jewelery for the DNA-Lovin’ Woman

June 29, 2015

While we customize all kinds of jewelry, this might go beyond the scope of our team.

Now you can have a customized pendant designed from your particular DNA. I’m not sure how you would test it for accuracy…but it sure is an interesting concept.

According to 10x:

British designer Alexander Davis, creates DNA pendants that are unique to each wearer and inspired by his degree in biochemistry.

When a DNA pendant is commissioned by a client, they take a blood sample from the wearer and send it to a lab for DNA sequencing, Davis told me over email. They then find an area of their DNA that is likely to contain some unique code on which they can model the pendant.

062215_Alexander Davis DNA Pendant

The combination of gemstones on the necklace corresponds to a unique part of that sequence, representing their four-letter DNA code.

This particular one pictured here is made in platinum and set with diamonds, sapphires, and amethyst and priced from £15,000 (roughly $23,800).


Beverly K R9229

June 24, 2015

YouTube Preview Image

Hand engraved die struck engagement ring style #103016

June 24, 2015

Shown with a 1 1/4ct center stone. Click here for additional info.

YouTube Preview Image

Ice Cube Necklaces to Cool Down the Hottest Lady

June 23, 2015

Jewelry has becomes so much more than a mere adornment over the last decade. Smart jewelry can tell you your heart rate or alert you of an email or help you find your way home, among a million other duties. But one woman dared to create a different kind of smart jewelry, made initially to cool down menopausal women but hitting a much bigger audience.

According to Connie Sherman of Hot Girl Pearls:

“I went to the store and bought a bag of those colorful plastic ice cubes — the kind that don’t melt in your drink. They’re filled with water and you just stick them in the freezer and they stay cold for hours. I taped them to a string and wrapped them around my neck and I knew, at that moment, I was on to something.”

“They kept the chill for about 45 minutes. And I knew if I could find a way to make an attractive necklace that worked in the same way, there were lots of women who would want one. I couldn’t be the only one schvitzing her way through menopause.”

But it wasn’t just women who were dealing with menopause who were logging on to Connie’s website. It was women who were undergoing chemotherapy, others who had migraines, even women who had lupus and multiple sclerosis — things she’d never considered.

Source: Huffington Post

Pairing Perfect a Formal Dress with the Perfect Jewelry

June 22, 2015

What’s a perfect jewelry dress? A dress that’s worn to show-off your favorite heirloom or statement necklace. Think of red carpet highlights: the celebrity’s dress and jewelry work in perfect union, to enhance both. (As you’ll hear, less is often more.)

So if you really want to show off that amazing necklace we custom designed just for you, expert Don O’Neill known for his elegant evening wear, offers simple pointers to guide you when pairing jewelry with formal wear.

YouTube Preview Image




“Your team made this moment very special for us”

June 20, 2015

Hi Beth!

I wanted to write back to you earlier, but I just wanted to tell you, Joe, and the team that the ring is absolutely wonderful and beautiful!!!  I proposed to my girlfriend with the ring about 3 weeks ago at a beautiful and quiet spot in nature, and she was absolutely thrilled with the ring!!!  She said it’s everything she has hoped for and loves the detail, beautiful gems (seriously, the moissanite center stone is jaw dropping!), and the solid craftsmenship.  She loves it! (Even I find myself admiring it on her hand! :)
I just wanted to thank you so much for accommodating all my requests and making this ring absolutely perfect for me and my fiance.  Your team made this moment very special for us and we have a beautiful ring she plans to wear for life thanks to your help.
Thank you again!  Maybe next we can talk about wedding bands.  :)

” I do thank you for your fine customer service and great product. . . .”

June 20, 2015

Hi Jen,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my earrings this afternoon, and they are beautiful!  I do thank you for your fine customer service and great product.
I worked for Charles & Colvard from 2006 to 2008 as a Sales Representative so I truly appreciate the beauty and value of Moissanite.  I’m glad that Mr. Schubach continues to make it a part of the company’s product line.
Thank you again, and have a pleasant weekend!

” It was an easy choice and process for me once I found Schubach Jewelers. . .”

June 20, 2015

Greetings Beth,

Thank you so much, both to you and Jen, for your wonderful help as I searched for I wanted in moissanite stud earrings.  I really appreciate your patience and customer service.  I also put Joe through the 20 questions process initially on the phone, and he was very patient and gracious as well. . . . It was an easy choice and process for me once I found Schubach Jewelers and I have you all to thank for that.  I love my new earrings!  Thank you all.

Kindest regards,


Jewelry Pairing for Men

June 16, 2015

Oh yes, we’ve talked about matching jewelry to women for a long time now. Whether its body or face type or the color of your face, we’ve paired you with just the right piece.

But men? Okay, we’ll admit it: we’re a little behind in our advisory duties.

With Father’s Day on the horizon (June 21st), let’s make up for lost time, shall we?


YouTube Preview Image



The Colorful Rebellion of Mixed Gemstones

June 15, 2015

Once considered taboo, mixing different types and colored gemstones in one piece of jewelry is becoming a way to enhance each gem’s beauty, not detract. Like a bouquet of flowers, the visual experience is rich, multi-layered…and certainly colorful. The takeaway? Dare to mix your gems and metals. The rules that applied a generation ago just don’t cut it today…thankfully!

Irene Neuwirth

Irene Neuwirth’s 18-karat white and yellow gold necklace with turquoise, tourmaline, pink tourmaline, aquamarine, quartz, Akoya pearls and diamonds. Courtesy Photo

Michael John Jewelry

Michael John Jewelry’s 18-karat rose gold ring with diamonds. Photo by Courtesy Photo.


Mish New York

Mish New York’s 18-karat gold cuff with brown diamonds, garnets, sapphires, peridot, aquamarine, citrine, pink tourmaline and iolite.

Source: WWD

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