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Chanel Dips into E-Commerce World

April 15, 2015

Chanel has traditional kept its distance from e-commerce, until recently. In pop-up style, will display a small but significant collection of Chanel’s jewelry wear for a three week period.

The six-piece Coco Crush collection will be available on the site from April 15 until May 6. It then will be available only in Chanel stores. The collection, in 18k white and yellow gold, consists of five rings and one cuff, each in Chanel’s iconic quilted pattern. The pieces retail for $2,049 to $19,762.

“We are thrilled that Chanel has decided to work with Net-a-Porter on this exclusive initiative,” said Alison Loehnis, president of Net-A-Porter. “Chanel is a brand that we admire greatly and we are incredibly honored and proud to partner with them on their first ever fine jewelry eCommerce project. This fabulous collection completely embodies the unequivocal chic Chanel spirit – classic, modern and timeless – that is sure to resonate with the Net-a-Porter customer.”

In a post announcing the collection on her Instagram, Natalie Massanet, executive chairman of the Net-A-Porter group, wrote, “Have waited 15 years for this!”


Source: JCK

Far, Far-out Face Jewelry by Givenchy

April 14, 2015

We’ve come to expect wild fashion displays on the runway. It’s part of the theatrics and certainly not intended for streetwear. But designer house Givenchy took it one step beyond at a recent fashion show where intricate face jewelry almost upstaged the clothing.

Body art migrated to the face at Givenchy’s Fall 2015 runway show for Paris Fashion Week on Sunday.

There, the models’ cheeks and noses competed with their gothic-inspired garments for the audience’s attention. Pat McGrath, the show’s makeup artist, told it took six hours to complete the elaborate facial decorations, trying to keep the heavy jewelry in place and working with each girl’s facial features.

Each model was decorated with intricate facial jewelry sets in golds, silvers and blacks. The ornaments sat on their cheeks and chins and hung off their septums and nostrils. Their ears featured matching earrings from their lobes to their upper cartilage.

The jewelry made specifically for the show consisted of dark jewels, such as sapphire and ruby, but also of a material that was supposed to look like jet, a fossilized coal worn in Victorian times to display mourning, according to Collector’s Weekly.

Source: Mashable


Givenchy, Paris women fashion week, winter 2015 2016


Helping the Plight of Bees with Beautiful Bee-related Jewelry

April 13, 2015

Another way that not only is jewelry beautifying our world but contributing to causes and making a difference. Read on.

From 10x.

Last spring, Michelle Graff wrote an informative blog on the plight of the honeybee: how colonies are collapsing, hives are failing and bees are dying, as covered in a Swiss documentary called More than Honey. At the end of her blog, she highlighted two brands that were introducing bee-related jewelry designs, the sales of which would profit organizations working to understand and combat the factor contributing to bee colony collapse.

One of these brands was Gumuchian, which debuted its “B” collection at last year’s Couture show. The B collection offers honeycomb-themed jewelry made in 18-karat gold with diamonds, and a proceeds of all sales from the line go to HoneyLove, which champions urban beekeeping and home gardens.

040915_Sunflower 040915_HoneyBee
From Gumuchian’s B collection, an 18-karat gold and yellow sapphire sunflower charm ($1,800 retail) and an 18-karat yellow gold and diamond honey bee charm ($2,400 retail)

Spring/Summer 2015 Jewelry Trends

April 8, 2015

While it doesn’t completely feel like Spring yet, it’s exciting to see the jewelry trends of the upcoming seasons. Sort of like virtual flowers in a vase, brightening up the space.

Which trend strikes your seasonal fancy?



The slogan bracelet at Chanel.


The ring stack at Valentino.


Les boucles d'oreilles cristaux de Prada printemps-été 2015

The illusion earrings at Prada.


Mix ‘N’ Match piercings at Dior.

Les bracelets brides d'Hermès Pierre Hardy printemps-été 2015

The bridle bracelet at Hermès.


Montre plumes Fendi printemps-été 2015

The feather watch at Fendi.


Source: Vogue

Lionfish Jewelry Helps Economy and Environment in Belize

April 7, 2015

Nothing excites us more than when jewelry-making and a good cause combine. In this case, the invasive lionfish which threatens to destroy the waters of Belize because of its and ability to procreate at a rapid pace and eat with abandon. Read on.

The tail of the lionfish is considered waste among fishermen, as it is not edible.  By using the tails of the lionfish for jewelry, each lionfish caught then gains 40 percent more monetary value. The upfront investment to produce jewelry requires a small amount of varnish to treat the lionfish tail and supplies for making the jewelry which gives the women a huge profit margin on each piece sold. Considering the marine life attracts so many tourists that visit Belize, the lionfish jewelry has a large market made up of people willing to pay a premium price.

Source: 3P

Some examples of lionfish jewelry:



An Eyefull of Engagement Ring

April 6, 2015

Stumbled across this dazzler over coffee this morning. What a WOW. If you’re looking for an engagement ring to stop people in their tracks, we’ll happily custom design your blingiest piece. (We also do subdued as well ; )


22 Carat Engagement Ring

“This 22 carat fancy yellow radiant cut was a special piece Raymond Lee brought in for the Palm Beach Jewelry show, and everyone around the office (and at the show) couldn’t stop trying it on and admiring it! The large white diamond trillian side stones are softer than I usually see, with bulging shoulders. It’s not often you see side stones that require 4 prongs, but this ring demands it!” – Raymond Lee Jewelry Blog

“Bulletproof” Necklace Saves Lives

March 30, 2015

We’ve discussed jewelry as a form of protection in historical times (to ward off evil and bring luck) but this story gives a whole new meaning to its magical properties.

Janeice Frisbee of Humboldt, Tenn., was shot point-blank in the chest last week, and by all accounts, she survived because her necklace stopped the bullet.

“No one can believe that bullet didn’t go through that necklace,” Frisbee told WMC Action News 5.

The $45 Tree of Life necklace, made of sterling silver wire and small gemstones, was a gift from Frisbee’s son and daughter-in-law. It was purchased from Colorado-based designer Amanda Toddings’ Etsy store, Mandala Rain.

WBBJ 7 News spoke to Toddings about her design. “If I purposely tried to break the necklace myself with pliers I could do it in seconds,” she said. “It’s not a bulky, silver belt buckle or a medallion, it’s just wire and beads.”

“The things that we choose to do for other people, like giving them a gift, you really never know what the far-reaching effects are going to be,” she said.

The necklace is currently with the FBI as evidence, but the family says it is still intact.

Source: JCK

“I might just print out a pic from the blog and paste it to my finger. “

March 25, 2015

OMG. I just DIED! So fantastic to see an idea come into being J    what do I need to do next! Good Golly!!  Picture one is so great  It took me a little too long to move on I feel like all  of the pics are wonderful!  WOW.  What do  you need from me NEXT J  I might  just  print out a pic from the blog and paste it to my finger.   Holy cow That is perfection!

Thanks  SO MUCH!!


Note from Joe: We couldn’t resist posting this great email on a custom design we’re making for K!

$40 Million Watch Unveiled at Baselworld

March 24, 2015

This timepiece is so dazzling, I had to put on my sunglasses while reading the article in JCK this morning. Seriously, have you ever seen such an ornately detailed, dazzling watch? Probably not. Since its one of a kind…and there’s the matter of that pesky pricetag.


Graff Unveils $40 Million Watch at Baselworld

A hearty “wow.”


Graff Diamonds once again made a splash at Baselworld, introducing a $40 million watch topped with a 38 ct. D Flawless that can be converted to a bracelet or ring. 

Billed as the world’s most valuable transformable timepiece, the Fascination is covered in 152.96 cts. white diamonds and topped with a 38.13 ct. D Flawless pear shape.

The pear-shaped stone can also be worn as a centerpiece in a bracelet or ring, the company said.


The Magical, Intricate Dresses of Three Sisters

March 23, 2015

Check out a recent article in the New Yorker that details the discovery of a trunk of intricately designed Callot dresses, designed by three sisters who are considered by some to be the most amazing designers in fashion history. Their detail to craftsmanship is astounding and will inspire us to continually raise the bar higher.

A “Callot dress” is one that was made by the Paris haute-couture house Callot Soeurs—Callot Sisters. The sisters are not much remembered now: there has been no monograph on their work, and no retrospective. Yet, not long after Callot Soeurs opened their atelier, in 1895, they became one of the great names in Belle Époque fashion. Madeleine Vionnet, one of the most influential and radical designers of the twentieth century, was the sisters’ head seamstress. She ranked them higher than the self-proclaimed King of Fashion, Paul Poiret. “Without the example of the Callot Soeurs,” Vionnet said, “I would have continued to make Fords. It is because of them that I have been able to make Rolls-Royces.”

Few dresses made by Callot Soeurs have survived. So when the cache of some twenty gowns was found moldering in the trunks in the villa, it was a major discovery. The villa was La Pietra, built by a Medici banker and bought, in 1907, by Hortense Mitchell Acton, a Chicago heiress, who was the wife of Arthur Acton, an Anglo-Italian antique dealer. Their son, Sir Harold Acton, the Oxford memoirist, historian, and aesthete, bequeathed the estate to New York University, in the nineteen-nineties.


One of Hortense Mitchell Acton’s Callot Soeurs gowns in the Camera Verde of Villa La Pietra. The gold and silver lace at the neck, the apron skirt, and the five metallic rosettes across the chest recall the forms of a Gothic cathedral. The sleeves are made of metallic lace, now oxidized.


“Without the example of the Callot Soeurs,” Vionnet said, “I would have continued to make Fords. It is because of them that I have been able to make Rolls-Royces.”


An orange silk dress with silk and metallic fringe, in the garden of La Pietra. Hortense Mitchell Acton likely wore it at one of the extravagant parties she hosted there, among the Actons’ collection of sculpture.


Made of silk velvet, and embroidered with blue silk, this dress suffered from being stored beneath a gown with “glass-bead disease.”

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