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  • High Bench Craftsmanship – The Next Level of Custom Design


    Joseph Schubach Jeweler’s Double Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring

    The devil is in the details. That’s why we work so hard to make sure every detail of your custom design is just right.

    Take this latest custom design engagement ring. It’s considered a high bench piece, meaning we do a lot of hand work to give it a super high finish.(Note the handmade pave prongs which are much finer and more delicate, for example.)

    If you’re looking to take your custom design engagement ring to the next level, contact us for your own high bench item. 

  • The Palest of the Pale Green Gems

    Nothing tickles our fancy more than pale gems with just the slightest hint of color. There’s something so perfectly subtle about them, as if they barely whisper, the wisp of unspoken words or romantic thoughts blowing in a light breeze.

    Prasiolite is a green variety of quartz, a silicate mineral chemically silicon dioxide. Since 1950, almost all natural prasiolite has come from a small Brazilian mine though its also since been mined in Lower Silesia in Poland. Naturally occurring prasiolite has also been found in the Thunder Bay area of Canada.

    Green quartz is often incorrectly called green amethyst. It is against the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines to call prasiolite “green amethyst.” Other names for green quartz are vermarine, greened amethyst or lime citrine.

    The word prasiolite literally means “scallion green-colored stone” and is derived from Greek.


  • Statement Earrings Poised to Get Even BIGGER for 2019

    If there has been one jewelry trend that I keep writing about, year after year, it’s the statement earring. And just when I thought they couldn’t make any more statements, I read today that they’re about to get even bigger!

    How will earlobes handle it, I wonder? Will we need ear reinforcements designed to withstand all this fashionable weight? (Truth be told, the last time I wore really big earrings, I was surprised how light they were to wear. Maybe designers feel our pain.)

    According to Bazaar, the Fall 2019 collections highlight large, LARGE earrings, chockfull of colorful crystals, tribal beads and angular shapes. Mismatched earrings are still up and down the runway (so make sure you keep those single earrings of yours). And last but not least, long, dangly earrings that often make it as far as your shoulder.

    Looking for your own statement earrings? We’ve made many custom design statement earrings over the years. Check out the Fall trends for 2019, send us your inspiring images and lets make a statement out of you this season! 

    Peace Earrings, Peace symbol measures 7mm, entire piece is 53mm tall.

    Peace Earrings, Peace symbol measures 7mm, entire piece is 53mm tall.

  • Crystals Used in Facials – Fact or Fad?

    Crystals have a long New Agey history. Who hasn’t heard about the powers they may (or may not) possess and how they can help balance your energy, “center” you or even heal a broken heart (thank you, rose quartz).

    But can crystals be used in facials to beautify the skin? Before you think its just some fly by night fad, know that some of the top celebrities in Hollywood (thank you, Jennifer Aniston) are using crystals in their skin treatments…and with high praise.

    We’re not talking about ground up crystals put in cleansers as a form of exfolloiant (though undoubtedly that has also been tried). The current crystal trend either entails rolling a shaped crystal over your face to loosen muscles and stimulate circulation (called facial rolling) or simply placing crystals on your face for an extended period of time. Pretty easy, right? 

    “Crystals vibrate at different [frequencies] and help bring our faces and bodies into sync so they can glow,” claims Joey Wargachuk, a crystal reader at Happy Soul in Toronto. “When you place them on different meridians, which are the different energy pressure points of the face, they literally absorb heat and release it.” [Fashionista]

    But do crystal facials work? Well, there will most probably be no scientific studies on the topic, nor would they yield many helpful results. But if you believe in the strength and power of crystals, then lying them on a particular region of the body would target its strength, at least in theory.

    Even if you don’t believe in crystals, there is something comforting about having the weight of something that smooth and heavy on your face. It reminds us of your facial muscles and (hopefully) reminds us to relax a little!

    Learn more about gua sha:


  • Rough, Raw Diamonds – The “Wild” Engagement Ring for 2019

    Rough Diamonds – More than Just an Ethically Sourced Engagement Ring


    Pear shape rough diamond salt and pepper diamond engagement ring_REG


    If you think about it, this rough diamond engagement ring trend may have more social significance than a mere fashion choice. Women are now seeking a gem that reflects a respect and adoration for flaws and imperfections.


    Simply put, rough diamonds are diamonds found in their natural state. Their inclusions are part of their beauty.


    “Flawless” and “perfection” are taking backseat to the raw, natural beauty of rough diamonds–and hopefully with the way women view themselves in general.

    Raw, rough diamonds are also distinctly individual (just like the wearer). Each gem has its own story to tell. The charm emanates from the imperfections and challenges our very idea of what is beautiful.

    “There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection.”

    Rough diamonds (or raw diamonds) are becoming a go-to choice for millennial brides seeking engagement rings. And for obvious reasons: there’s an increasing awareness of the damage that traditional diamond mining is doing to our ecology; rough diamonds means a wiser choice for our planet.

    But more than that, there’s a rustic simplicity to rough diamonds that appeals to young brides. After generations of seeing the same types of engagement ring cuts, today’s woman seeks something more distinctive and natural as a fashionable departure.

    Whatever your reason, we’re happy to custom design a rough diamond engagement ring that suits your untamed and natural side.

    “Nothing and no one is perfect. It just takes a good eye to find those hidden imperfections.”   

    A Schubach Exclusive! Custom made bezel set Scroll solitaire engagement ring with a champagne color, rose cut center diamond and surprise diamond accent.

    A Schubach Exclusive! Custom made bezel set Scroll solitaire engagement ring with a champagne color, rose cut center diamond and surprise diamond accent.


    A custom design rough diamond pendant.

    A custom design rough diamond pendant.


  • Moissanite in “Lucky” Light Green

    Is green really lucky?


    Well, it can be. If you believe! And if you do believe, wearing it must be generate even more luck. There’s something about the tactile contact of a lucky charm that radiates its goodness into your very being.

    Since time immemorial, green has symbolized growth, rebirth and fertility.  In pagan days, there was a Green Man who symbolized fertility (a Tooth Fairy for pregnancy?).

    In Ireland (as well as several Muslim countries), it has long symbolized luck. Many believe that wearing jewelry in the shape of a 4 leaf clover or shamrock is lucky (as in a lucky charm).

    Of course, green can means all sorts of other things.


    Green with envy

    Green around the gills

    Green behind the ears

    My Light Green Moissanite Ring Looks Amazing

    For us, green means an an amazing colored gem, like in the example below. Whoever got this beautiful custom design piece is certainly a lucky gal.


  • Salt & Pepper Diamonds – The Hot (and Ethical) Engagement Ring Trend for 2019


    Once considered a fringe choice for gems, salt and pepper diamonds are taking the fashion world by storm, with brides-to-be purchasing engagement rings highlighting these special “in the rough” gems as quickly as we can custom design them.


    What Exactly Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?


    A flawless diamond is considered the most desirable diamond…but salt and pepper diamonds work differently: the flaws of salt and pepper diamonds are what provides the beauty and sweet, earthy sparkle.

    The inclusions in salt and pepper diamonds come in different colors, sizes and shapes. “Salt” means the white inclusions while “pepper” indicates the black inclusions. The combo of white and black inclusions gives it that salt and pepper look.

    Shopping for salt and pepper diamonds is also a completely different process than when shopping for flawless diamonds. The 4 C’s (Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat) simply don’t apply here. These gems are raw and rough. There’s no striving for perfection but an embracing of its simple and raw quality.


    With salt and pepper diamonds, the inclusions make the beauty!


    The gems have a simple yet wild feel to them, perfect for a woman who creates her own rules and embraces both her light and dark sides. She takes risks and feels passionately, without abandon. She’s attune with the natural world; she’s a force of nature herself. Her engagement ring with salt and pepper diamonds represents these varied and untamed sides.





  • 🍀 Lucky Charms and other St. Patty’s Day Words of Wisdom 🍀


    Lashbrook Titanium 10mm Concave Band with Beveled Edges and Leaf Pattern Green Ano Satin/Polish


    If you think about it, every holiday has some kind of jewelry affiliated with it. But St. Patrick’s Day has a closer connection than most. Why? Because jewelry associated with luck (aka “good luck charms”) represents one of the key themes of St. Patrick’s Day: luck.

    And luck is big with the Irish They have a long list of charms, superstitions and omens to make you lucky or keep bad luck at bay.

    Here are a few fun St. Patty’s Day superstitions to keep in mind, the next time you plan on bringing a banana onboard a boat! Here’s a few we found at 

    We all know it’s bad luck when a black cat crosses your path. But fortunately, the Irish have found a way to ward it off. Make a triangle with your thumbs and pointer fingers and spit (in the general direction) of the cat. FYI we don’t condone spitting at cats.

    If a hen and her chicks want to enter your house, by all means let them in! They bring good luck. If it’s a rooster, set the table, company is on its way.

    Never gift a knife, it will sever your friendship. In fact, don’t even hand someone a knife (not even to cut your corned beef), it will bring bad luck. Instead if someone asks for a knife, place it on the table near them and let them pick it up.

    Feeling sick from all that corned beef and cabbage? Well the Irish say tie a bunch of mint sprigs around your wrist to cure an upset stomach.

    If you come across a horseshoe, nail it to the door. And don’t even think about buying one or using a gifted horseshoe, it must be found spontaneously!

    Lucky enough to find a four-leaf clover? Congratulations! You’re in for some good luck gambling and racing. Furthermore, witchcraft has no power for you! But keep it to yourself. The luck only lasts so long as you don’t show anyone your clover.

    Never ask a man where he is going fishing. Just don’t. Never change a boat’s name and don’t bring a banana on board (not necessarily an Irish superstition, but very good to know nonetheless). Fishermen are an especially superstitious lot and some may go so far as to turn the boat around and drop you and your contraband fruit off on the dock.

    Best of luck to you this St. Patrick’s Day! ! ! 





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