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  • How to Increase the Power of a Selfie (with a little help from a friend)


    Some of us embrace the process of taking a selfie. We like to be front and center. We believe in the maxim: if you got it, flaunt it.

    Others of us aren’t so…face forward. It feels awkward when we take a selfie and we tend to dislike the end results, deleting more than posting.

    But luckily it doesn’t take much to take the pressure off…and this is where bling (literally) enters the picture. A pair of bold earrings or a statement necklace is often enough to feel like you’re sharing a selfie with an attractive friend, one who loves enhancing your beauty as much as showcasing theirs.

    Nothing that big and bold to wear? Simply don your favorite pendant necklace. You’ll be surprised how much it enhances an image.

    So the next time you reach for your lipstick and comb, thinking you need to look “just so” before you click and post, grab a stunning piece of jewelry instead. You’ll be amazed how much it completes your look and brings out your natural loveliness without all the fuss!

  • How to Pierce your Ears at Home (or if you should)

    Listen, we don’t advocate piercing your ears at home. It’s so easy to get it done professionally and inexpensively at your local mall (or even some tattoo shops) so why risk infection or added pain?

    But we know that some people will roll the dice and try an at-home piercing. This video goes over the basics to keep the process as hygienically sound and safe as possible (but seriously, go get it done professionally!):

  • A.P. Yellow Gold Guard Ring

  • Why is there a Pineapple on the Wimbledon Trophy?


    No, you can’t wear a trophy around your neck or on your finger, but its made of metal (silver gilt) and certainly makes for a killer adornment.

    So as we say goodbye to a blazingly exciting week at Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious professional tennis tournament of the world, let’s take a look at the prize trophy for the men (since women receive a dish).

    Wimbledon_trophy_Benjamí Villoslada i GilThe head of the trophy has a pineapple on the top, which has an interesting and hazy history. According to the Express:

    A spokesperson for the Wimbledon Museum told that there are “very few facts” about the pineapple’s origin, but they believe it dates back to the fruit’s use as a symbol of “honour, welcoming and celebration”.

    The spokesperson said: “In the 17th century pineapples were impossible to grow in the UK and they had to be imported, so being presented with one at a feast was seen as a great compliment.

    “You might have seen pineapples being used on gateposts of stately homes as you travel around the UK. It’s because of their rarity.

    Sure, it still seems odd. Pineapples and tennis? Hmm…well, regardless, it looks awesome on top of one of the most revered trophies in sports history.





  • What exactly is tarnish on your sterling silver jewelry?

    We all know the look of it…and its not pretty. Tarnish makes your jewelry appear slightly discolored and just plain dull. But what is tarnish exactly?

    Well first off, what tarnish isn’t: it’s not the pure metal itself (silver) but the alloys mixed with the pure metal (mainly copper). It’s the copper that reacts to the sulfur and the moisture in the air, causing pieces made of sterling silver to tarnish.

    And its not just moisture that causes silver to tarnish but chemicals like deodorant, hairspray, lotion, etc. that speed up the process.  tarnishes faster in areas with high humidity and air pollution.

    Here’s a simple video that details the process of bringing the shine back to your sterling silver jewelry.

  • T.R. & J.R. Diamond Dome Ring

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