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  • Celebrating Pink Diamonds!

    Start Drooling
    2.29 Fancy Vivid Pink GIA Graded
    Mined VVS2 $34,000
    The best Pink EVER. bubble gum candy yum yummy pink.
    51 depth so looks like a 3ct 11.85×7.49mm HPHT enhanced. Comps
     would be in the MILLIONS if not treated. Look and feel
    like a millionaire
    PEAR HPHT enhanced $89,000
    This is not lab made, it is mined, and even with treated you can’t just
    push a button and get pink. ITS VERY RARE. Even to find
     treated pinks. share this picture on your own Facebook
    see if we can have a pink party
    1.63 Candy Pink EMERALD $17,900
     Amazing color that will make your sweet tooth happy forever.
    HPHT enhanced of course. This would be $75,000 of natural and this
    looks totally the same. Her friends will never know.
    1.91 Fancy Vivid Pink Mined Oval VS2 $27,500 (loose stone price)
    No accent colors. It is very hard to find strait pink
    even in treated. HPHT enhanced is the closest process to
     natural. 100% permanent. 10×7.2mm. Available loose with ring shown for an additional $2995
    1.91ct fancy pink oval diamond
    Deliciously Love-ly 4.78ct  Mined Pear Pink Diamond 
    Perfect peachy pink HPHT enhanced color. $59,000
    pink pear
    The Perfect Pink Oval Diamond Halo
    3.19ct, GIA graded HPHT enhanced mined diamond
    with 14kt white gold diamond halo ring
    $37,000 total 
    pink oval halo
    Natural/Mined Pinks
    $300 to $1200 EACH
    SMALL .08-.24ct 
  • Radiance®Old Mine Cut Yellow Gold Pave Engagement Ring

    Blingy yet deeply romantic, this Radiance®Old Mine Cut Yellow Gold Pave Engagement Ring is our latest high-end custom design ring from our High Bench where every detail was  done exactingly by hand.

    If you’re interested in a ring like this, contact us. Let’s bring your custom design vision to life!


    bqMnU1aA Hb4wJFVQ-1 kMA2oodQ




  • Strawberry Pink Engagement Rings – Custom Design Romance

    What do you think when you think pink?


    Most people conjure up images of romance, femininity and all things sweet, like the inside of a strawberry or the blushing of a cheek. The color pink is so distinctly likable, its becoming a popular gemstone choice for more and more brides. Expect the trend to continue in 2020, especially since lab-grown colored gemstones continue to trend.

    Pink lovers tend to love all things romantic and feminine. They prefer summer over winter. They look romantic movies over action flicks. They believe in the power of love and like to wear it proudly. Lovers of pink also like to keep up with trends while not losing an attachment to the past (read: vintage lovers).

    Below is one of our strawberry Radiance gemstones waiting for its home in a custom design engagement ring. Expertly and lovingly cut by our Scottsdale team.


  • Radiance® Yellow Sapphire Gem, Antique Pear Cut – Custom Design

    If you’re looking for a bright-as-sunshine engagement ring, our Radiance Lemon Yellow Sapphire Gems are a perfect match for you. Expertly cut by our Scottsdale team, these gems have the durability of moissanite and the beauty of the most beautiful colored sapphires on the market.

    Contact us if you’re looking for a colored sapphire, perfectly poised for your engagement ring.


  • Radiance® Antique Pear Cut Sapphire in Peach

    Our Radiance® gems are exclusively and expertly cut by our Scottsdale team. This latest custom design “darling” displays a classic antique pear cut Radiance sapphire in a unique peach shade. Romantic and truly special.

    More and more brides are choosing colored gems as the centerpiece for their engagement ring. And we love it. When working with custom design, colored gems are infused with a visual dazzle and magic that’s unmistakeable. Each shade truly has a personality of its own.

    In this case, this pear cut Radiance sapphire appears like a shade of morganite (but with the durability of moissanite).

    Interested in a colored gem for your custom design engagement ring? Let our seasoned and inspired team take care of it. Contact us directly if you’re interested in working with the wonders of Radiance!





  • Natural Fancy Intense Yellow Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, 18kt Yellow Gold

    Our team is just beaming with pride over this recent custom design sparkler. This design is a distinctly opulent ring with a Natural Fancy Intense Yellow Oval Diamond as the masterful centerpiece.


    Natural Fancy Intense Yellow (Canary Yellow) Oval Diamond Halo in 18kt Yellow Gold



    Get Your Dream Ring!


    If you can dream it, we can design it. Send us your idea, whether its an image you found online or a picture floating around in your mind.

    Looking for a blingy ring but don’t want to break the bank? Think again! Whatever your budget, we can suggest eco-friendly, affordable metals and gems to bring your dream ring to life.

    We specialize in custom design that goes that extra mile, ensuring that every detail is just right. Simply contact us and we’ll guide you along the way.


    Your love is one-of-a-kind. Shouldn’t your engagement ring be too? 



  • The Rose Cut Diamond Trend – A Deeper Look into a Gem

    Rose cut engagement ring_46-17x1000 Rose cut engagement ring_43-45

    Above, a custom made rose cut diamond engagement ring we just presented to a client. We made a solid base with a design on it and rhodium plated it so it reflects white in a random pattern. Yellow gold adds to its popular appeal.

    What is a rose cut diamond? 🌹

    The rose cut adds a certain unmistakeable and captivating depth and dimension. A transparent light catcher with a rich history.

    The rose cut was created in the 1500’s and could be seen frequently in the Georgian and Victorian eras. Similar to other antique cuts of its time, rose cut diamonds were crafted by hand and meant to dazzle under candlelight, which they did. (Rose cuts performs amazingly in low light conditions.)

    How would you describe the appearance and appeal of a rose cut diamond?

    Rose cut diamonds have a magical appearance, inviting and almost hypnotic. They allow a deeper look into the gem itself.  They don’t have that disco-ball bling of full cut gems but make up for it with a more complex look into the gem itself.

    Rose cuts also have a larger area and appear visually larger than a gem of the same carat weight.

    Why does clarity count when choosing a rose cut diamond?

    Because a rose cut gem is transparent, there is little to distract the eye from flaws and inclusions. When it comes to choosing a rose cut diamond, go for superior clarity rather than a higher color grade. It’s all about a crystal clear look inside the diamond.

    How can I have a rose cut custom design engagement ring like this, please? 🌹

    Reach out to us. We love making custom design dreams come true. And we love rose cut gems!



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