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“. . . . When I saw the ring and then tried it on I started crying. It is STUNNING and exactly what I wanted!. . . . .”

October 18, 2016

Hi Jen. I left you a voicemail but wanted to send you a note also. My ring was delivered this morning. My hands were shaking as I opened the package. When I saw the ring and then tried it on I started crying. It is STUNNING and exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much Jen for all of the time and effort you put in to this. I appreciate it more than you know. I also want to thank you for makingĀ arrangements for me to get it today. . . .Ā Thank you for making sure I got it before I have to leave. . . . . Ā Again, thank you for everything. Sincerely,

D.Ā W.

It’s all in the Cut [VIDEO EXAMPLE]

October 18, 2016

The process of cutting and polishing gems is called gem-cutting (or lapidary). Gems are cut and polished by progressive abrasion using finer and finer grits of harder substances.

Above is an example of how cutting affects a gemstone’s appearance. These are 3.5mm yellow sapphires prior to going into a bracelet. Stone #1, in addition to having better proportions, has a flower, or star pattern at the base/culet of the stone. The result is a much brighter looking stone.

When it comes to gem-cutting, every facet counts. Let us take your custom design jewelry to the next level with our lapidary expertise.


The Perks of an Emerald Cut Gem

October 17, 2016

YouTube Preview Image

Emerald (as well as Asscher cuts) are a class of diamond cuts known as ā€œstep cuts.ā€

According to Wikipedia: Stones whose outlines are either square or rectangular and whose facets are rectilinear and arranged parallel to the girdle are known as step- or trap-cut stones.

Among diamond shapes, only 3% are emerald cut, making them a particularly unique and distinctive.
Some other perks to emerald cut gems?

Emerald cut rings makes the gem appear larger. Since more of the gem’s surface area is exposed (on average, an emerald cut has a 5% greater surface area than a 1 carat round cut diamond, for instance), the top surface of an emerald cut diamond appear larger.

Emerald cuts make fingers appear more slender. Because emerald cut diamonds are more elongated, they give the illusion of longer, more slender fingers.
Emerald cuts are more affordable. (Yes, we saved the best for last!) Since they are a more unusual cut than princess-cut or round cut gems, they’re also in less demand and more cost efficient.
If you’re interested in an emerald cut for your engagement ring, let us share with you our expertise in a variety of specialized gem cuts. Make your custom design as personal as your love!



Why Go with Rose Gold for your Engagement Ring?

October 14, 2016

Rose gold has surged in popularity in the last few years. And its no surprise to us. There’s a warmth invitation to its hue that’s unmistakable and eye-catching. When it comes to engagement rings, it color often evokes feelings of love and romance (as opposed to the cooler shades of platinum, for instance).

Other benefits of rose gold?

Rose gold is a durable metal, more so than yellow or white gold.

Rose gold is affordable.

Rose gold complements just about all skin tones.

Below, a rose gold oval engagement ring with a pave underbezel.

One of the few drawbacks of rose gold? It’s not hypoallergenic so wouldn’t be an ideal choice for those with skin sensitivities.

YouTube Preview Image

The Singular Flow and Beauty of a Channel Set Bracelet

October 12, 2016

Channel settings are a classic, clean look (like our recent custom designed channel set bracelet below), where the gems are placed in a channel and seamlessly linked together. This provides a flow (like a channel of water) and perfectly balanced symmetry to the bracelet. Grooves on both walls hold the gems securely in place.

If there’s a channel set bracelet or ring that you have dancing around in your head, share it with us and we’ll turn it into a wearable reality.

Check out our video below, where yellow sapphire and moissanite alternate and compliment in perfect form.

Channel Set Yellow Sapphire and Moissanite Bracelet

YouTube Preview Image

Padparadscha Sapphires, the Lotus Blossom of Gems

October 10, 2016

Padparadscha sapphires sound as wonderfully exotic as they look. Named after the color of a lotus blossom, the pinkish orange hue of these stones are mesmerizing and unique.

Let’s get the pronunciation out of the way (since its probably one of the most difficult gems to pronounce):


The name is derived from the Sinhalese word for the Lotus blossom. The Sinhalese are the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka where most Padparadscha sapphires are found.

Padparadschas are among the rarest gems on the planet. They are a unique mix of pink and orange. To be named a Padparadscha, the gem should exhibit both colors.

Ready to experience its virtual glory? Watch in wonder:

YouTube Preview Image

“Jen did a marvelous job; easing my concerns, communicating, designing and ultimately getting the ring to me the way I wanted in the time I needed.”

October 8, 2016


I want to say thank you very much to Jen Wood of Schubach Jewelers for bringing my design of an engagement ring to fruition. We had searched many places that would make an all Moissanite ring, center stone and side stones. Many were hesitant and I quickly realized not many have the experience required to work without physically seeing plan and with stones like that. To be frank, I was concerned if this whole process will even work and let alone within 4 weeks. Thatā€™s all in the past now.

Jen did a marvelous job; easing my concerns, communicating, designing and ultimately getting the ring to me the way I wanted in the time I needed.

All of our family, friends and people in general have given great compliments on the ring. See attached picture to see the end product perfect captured.

THANK YOU!!! – Jen Wood & Schubach Jewelers

A Lesson in Rose De France Quartz

October 6, 2016

There’s not a gem out there we don’t like. Like people, each one holds its own distinctive and brilliant qualities that make it shine.

Take Rose de France Quartz, a member of the Quartz gemstone family. It’s also known as lavender amethyst but possesses a much lighter in color (think lilac) than traditionally violet-hued amethyst. It can be heated to lighten color and/or to remove “smoky” components (like in the earrings below).

According to Wikipedia:

The pale lilac colors, coined Rose De France, were once considered undesirable but have recently become a popular fashion favorite.

main view of Sterling silver leverback earrings each featuring a 25x10mm genuine checkerboard Rose de France oval quartz.

Style 102016MS

Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings With Oval Rose De France Quartz

Sterling silver leverback earrings each featuring a 25x10mm genuine checkerboard Rose de France oval quartz.

Beard Jewelry – a Bold Statement or Fashion Faux Pas?

October 4, 2016

There’s always been a fine line with jewelry trends. Some stand the test of time (statement necklaces are still going strong) while other are a bit more…questionably temporal.

Beard jewelry, according to a recent GQ article, would definitely fall in the latter category. But why? Men’s jewelry can often be limited. It can often be viewed skeptically, which doesn’t always seem fair. Men deserve to wear jewelry too, right?








According to GQ:

Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

In an era when the grooming pendulum is swinging back in favor of being clean shaven (despite the protestations of insecure bar owners, that’s actually what’s happening), having a beard is enough of a statement in its own right. If you have a beard, it’s better to save your money for deep conditioning treatments that’ll actually help your look than to waste it on glorified sequins.

How Socializing brings your Jewelry to Life

October 3, 2016

A friend of our company wrote us an email we’d like to share:

“I have tons of beautiful jewelry (in part, thanks to your amazing company) but often I find it stays locked up in a jewelry box, waiting for an opportunity to be worn. Well last weekend, I had just that opportunity. I was invited to a fundraising benefit. It was a black tie affair with a 15-piece orchestra, held in a grand ballroom on a beautiful lake.

As I dressed for the evening, I found myself putting on a simple little pendant necklace of mine…one of my all-time favorites. But then I decided, no, it’s time to pull out the stops. After some experimenting, I decided on a big, sparkly “statement necklace” I had purchased several years ago. While I love it, there aren’t too many occasions I’ve had to wear it.

Well I’m so glad I did. When I walked into the ballroom that night, that necklace seemed to lead the way. I can’t tell you how many people commented on it. But more than that, it gave me this extra special social boost. Not only did it complete my outfit but it made me feel like a queen.”

Takeaway lesson: dare to wear your best (even when its not a black tie affair). Consider it a social magnet that not only connects you with others but brings out the royal in you !

Image result for always wear your invisible crown


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